Increase the productivity and value of your company

RPA is a technology that allows the automation of administrative tasks carried out on any computer system of the company. It is based on programmable Robots that act in the same way that a user would. This software is capable of connecting to web applications, extracting data from documents, filling in forms, copying or pasting files, emails, text, creating folders, accessing any ERP or CRM, reading and writing in the database, etc…

At Pinnacle Technologies, we are specialists in intelligent process automation, taking advantage of the latest capabilities of these platforms that go beyond mere automation and include solid artificial intelligence capabilities, such as: Computer Vision, NLP (natural language processing), Analytics, Deep learning etc

The services we offer are:

  • Process Discovery: We identify potential processes to be automated and document them rigorously and with the highest level of detail. In this stage we will plan how to approach automation based on variables such as: frequency, volume, degree of maturity, inputs and outputs, integrations, complexity and, above all, the calculation of the ROI it generates.

  • RPA Development: We evaluate the best RPA technology that suits the use case based on the ease of design and programming of the robot, the effort and cost, and the ease of integration with the client’s technologies. The development is carried out following the best RPA development practices according to the recommendations of each manufacturer to guarantee the safety, robustness, monitoring and reliability of the robotic process.

  • Governance and Licensing Model: When the number of robotized processes grows in organizations, it is essential to have a governance model that includes the following aspects: communication plan and alignment with stakeholders, identify risks, prioritize and plan projects, define responsibility and roles Within the organization, establish clear metrics, define areas of production and scalability of processes. Likewise, from Avantgarde we carry out consultancies to improve efficiency in licensing expenses and costs, through the intelligent orchestration of the processes developed.

  • Monitoring and maintenance of RPA processes: We offer operational process monitoring services to ensure our clients that the processes do not fail, are executed with the expected results and are always optimized.


  • UIpath
  • Blueprism

Examples of processes to be robotized

  • Registration / cancellation of delivery notes or invoices
  • Reconciliation of bank movements
  • Creation of selection offers
  • Massive registration/deregistration of employees
  • Payroll
  • Management of incidents with clients
  • Call centers
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Creation of dashboards
  • Web scraping
  • Application monitoring
  • Testing