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A LowCode Application Platform  (LCAP)  is used to rapidly develop and deploy custom applications by abstracting and minimizing development with source code. Usually these platforms use graphical interfaces and scripting languages ​​to develop a complete solution consisting of user interfaces, business logic, workflow and data services.

The advantages are obviously an increase in TimeToMarket and a great reduction in costs. This new development approach enables business and IT teams to merge to rapidly develop new solutions and modernize enterprise software capabilities

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by companies will use low-code or no-code technologies, up from 25% in 2021.

At Pinnacle Tech we are specialists in Microsoft Power Platform. Power Platform is a package of services or set of tools integrated into Office 365 that provide the possibility of synchronizing all data analysis through the generation of automated flows and web and mobile applications. The Power Platform offers a wide range of features and puts the ability to build high-quality, modern applications within business reach. The platform has four large applications:
  • Power Apps: This is a multi-device tool that easily integrates with platforms such as Teams or Azure. It allows generating user interfaces, interacting with different data sources, creating business applications that work in all modern browsers and mobile platforms.
  • Power Automate: Allows the creation of workflows using artificial intelligence, automating various tasks that used to be done manually. It also includes access management, identity, integration with APIS and data loss prevention services.
  • Power BI: oriented to data analysis, it is used to manage, analyze and interact with your corporate data, being able to easily visualize your KPI’s. It also serves to create and maintain a dashboard system created from different corporate data sources that facilitate business decision making.
  • Power Virtual Agents: Intelligent virtual assistants that automatically answer questions that users may need using natural language processing techniques. Activating new service channels and saving time and effort in incident management, support, etc.


  • Power Platform

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